REPORT on the general meeting 2013

Report General Meeting was held on 25.06.2013 in Zabrze at the ISMR headquarter which is located at the Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development. The meeting and the discussion was a continuation of the enthusiastic attitude of all founders and new ground-breaking decisions. The ingenuity and commitment of members of ISMR can be optimistic for the future.

Brief summarize:

1. Board received a vote of acceptance

2. The Robin Science Club has been established as a ISMR platform to work with ambitious young people. Proposals for Regulations are under development.

3. We have established the Scientific Board of our Mr.R journal - a list of reviewers and materials for a new this year?s edition is being prepared.

4. Report on education in medical robotics is written and coordinated by Krzysztof Mianowski, a report on the rehabilitation robots by Andrzej Michnik - please exchange information and cooperation in this regard with them.

The date of the next conference was established - December 13, 2013 in FRK Zabrze. A special Medical Robotics Education session is planed. Please propagate the participation of young people, they will compete for the Robin?s Arrow statue. The ISMR conference will be associated with the conference regarding stem cells, which will be held at our foundation on December 12. This sequence of events also shows that robots, biology and medicine are common to many areas fighting for a better future for people