Press Release DIH-HERO Brokerage event on 30-31.10.2019.

DIH-HERO, the Digital Innovation Hub Healthcare Robotics is an open network, funded by the European Commission, has opened its doors for the first brokerage event on October 30 and 31. The purpose of this first DIH-HERO get-together was to increase cross-national collaboration, in order to accelerate innovation of robotics in healthcare. Building a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hub Network, DIH-HERO offers several opportunities for the players in the European healthcare market such as different services or the engagement in the DIH-HERO Technology Demonstrator and Technology Transfer Experiment calls.

SMEs, friends and networking partners met at the University Twente (NL) to discuss the opportunities of innovations to market within the healthcare domains and potential partnerships for the open and upcoming calls. The programme of these two days was diverse and of high quality focusing on up-to-date topics in healthcare robotics. Presentations by the operational project coordinator Dr. Françoise Siepel and project manager Maren Bödding informed about the project and the open calls that are dedicated to support SMEs and slightly larger companies in developing innovative technologies for the market. Keynotes of Dennis McWilliams of Santé Ventures, Cyrill von Tiesenhausen of KUKA and Amir Szold of Hernia Solutions were as entertaining as informative and presented risks and needs of realizing a vision and inventing new products. With presentations about the 5 domains in healthcare robotics the great variety of healthcare was pointed out.

Partners of the network and companies took the opportunity to present themselves in pitches and announced possibilities to cooperate. In speed dates possible common interests and networking opportunities were considered. Lab tours at the Technical Medical Centre guided by Prof. Stefano Stramigioli were of great interest and gave a comprehensive insight in research methods. Furthermore 16 Innovation Hubs and their partners introduced themselves in an exhibition where in personal dialogues individual questions were discussed.

One of the active neurons of our DIH HERO is located in Poland, in the Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development. This is a good place to start your interest in medical robots (the oldest cyclical conference on medical robots takes place in Zabrze), develop robots (original positions and experience in the field of Robin Heart surgical robots) and look for partners and financial support for your projects thanks to HERO.

All these hubs provide the DIH-HERO networking partners with individual services to facilitate the development of innovation in the European market of healthcare robotics.