First International Congress of Polish Society for Robotic Surgery (PTChR)

First International Congress of Polish Society for Robotic Surgery (PTChR) was held in Wroclaw on 1st ? 3rd March. Lead animator, creator and host of this great meeting of a surgical robot users from around the world was prof. Wojciech Witkiewicz. Thanks to His activities a first da Vinci surgical robot appeared in Poland and the field for training the usage of robots for various applications in surgery was created.

Established a year ago Polish Society for Robotic Surgery set itself the ambitious goal of education and promotion of modern surgery. I recommend the website and, where you can find information regarding the Congress and the technology advances, robots used in surgery.
International Society for Medical Robots (ISMR) based on the personal invitation of prof. Witkiewicz's was the Organizer of Robot Developers session during the Congress. This interesting session in participants view presented achievements of leading Centers of medical and social robots in Poland including Robin Heart system, what proofed strong position of domestic projects in the world.
We appreciate the open attitude of the medical world, especially world-wide known Surgeons toward the implementation of polish surgical robot into clinical practise. We plan as ISMR and PTChR, next common promotional campaigns and education activities of this new and fascinating technology more accessible in hospitals in the world.